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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank you for watching "fox & friends first". it is time for the 5@5:00. terror warning coming from the feds. a loan wolf terrorist could attack on may 1st. that is the one year anniversary of the raid that killed osama bin laden. there are no credible threats but al qaeda warned it would seek some kind of revenge for bin laden's death as well as the accidental burning of korans by u.s. soldiers back in february. >> some of the bravest soldiers who served in iraq and afghanistan may not lose their jobs. the army could layoff up to 24,000 enlisted personnel as many as 5,000 in the next five years. they would happen because of budget cuts. an me trying to reverse cuts by
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obama -- the president. she is back in in the states and married to another woman. he claims she left him and ran off with another man to costa rica. but her passport records suggest that's not true. the fbi is send ago unit to panama for a search. a possible break through in the misses girl madelein mccann. she disappeared nearly five years ago may be living with her abductor. scotland yard releasing this picture of what mccann is believed to look like today. they investigated with the portuguese police including cell phone evidence for the first tienl. they will contact those staying with the resort when madeline disappeared. madeline was 3 years old when she went missing from her hotel
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room. they were having dinner nearby with friends. senate lawmakers approve ago measure that could put an end to saturday mail delivery. the u.s. postal service will decide whether it is financially necessary for two years from now. they may use 11 billion in excess retirement funds giving them an incentive to retire early. >> one of the nation's toughest immigration laws by the month of june. some say it looks like om of so the justices may have already made up their mind. peter doocy is life in washington with more. >> good morning peter. >> good morning, heather. both side sounded like they were leaning toward signing with the state of arizona. it centers on whether or not police in arizona can ask someone if they are a legal resident when they are pulled over or arrested.
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doesn't seem like the justices think it is something only the federal government should do. if in fact somebody who does not be long in this country is in arizona. arizona has no power. what does sovereignty mean if it does not include the ability to defend your borders? that is some of the sharpest criticism of the lawyer came from justice appointed by president obama when sotomayor says quote you can see it's not sitting well why don't you come up with something else. sotomayor and ginsburg says they think the law might eventually result in some real lez dense because of that the aclu came out of the hearing feeling good. >> it became clear through the course of today's argument the justices are concerned about a system of mass incarceration that is going to catch u.s. citizens and i am grants who are
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lawfully in the united states. the governor whose state is at the heart of all is feeling even better. >> today was a great day for freedom and state rights and senate bill 1070 and if there is such a thing as a good day in court, i think today was the day. >> justice elena kagan recused herself. if there's a 4-4 tie then the 9th circuit court of appeals ruling which is being challenged in the supreme court will stand. peter thank you so much. interesting both sides of that issue seem to hear what they thought they wanted to hear. >> both sides happy with it. see how it goes. time for "look who's talking." >> the voters are talking. >> the race between obama and
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mitt romney is dead even. according to fox news polls. if the election were held today they would each grab 46 percent of the vote. >> those numbers not great for mitt romney. earlier this month he topped the president by 2.46 to 44. he is hoping to bank on independents. >> listen to this. take a look at this poll. independents say they would vote for romney more than the president 46-33. that is a huge gain were when the president was trailing mitt romney by 6 points within independents. >> in march they were tied by 40 percent. why is the president losing ground with the independents? last night on the o'reilly factor dick morris gave a very blunt explanation. >> the president is running a very stupid campaign. it is based on the assumption of not appeal to go the middle.
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not even wardiregarding the mid. he is trying to recreate the coalition that elected him in 2008. he is trying to recreate that environment. instead of using hope and change and uplift he is using envy and fear and dislike and distrust. he looks horrible. his personal approval ratings are dropping. he looks nonpresidential and he's alienating the swing voters massively. who ever thought up this strategy is an absolute idiot. >> how do you really feel? >> he went on to say the way to grab the independent vote is to move to the center. >> it is time for your first degree weather update. more rain on the way? >> i know. i know. and it's going to get cooler, too. what happened to our spring in the northeast? let's look at the radar and show
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you what you need, your umbrellas out this morning across portions of the great lakes and mid atlantic. take a look at the showers and thunderstorms. we have a chance of severe weather across the ohio valley. another system moving in and heavy rain across southern california. los angeles you could pick up an inch of rain through out the day today. a quick look of where we could see the potential of severe weather. already a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. local time. severe thunderstorm warning around the bowling green area. large hail damaging winds and yes even isolated tornadoes. there's your severe risk today across the high plains and across the tennessee and ohio river valley where we could see the potential for hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. we will keep you up to date on that. warm temperatures continue across the central u.s. this is kind of the last day for that, though, because the high pressure will breakdown a little bit. 10 degrees above average. cooler across the great lakes
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and parts of the west. look what happens as we head into friday. it gets cool. especially across the midwest and the great lakes. that's what happens in the spring we have a lot of swings. you know, those spring showers bring may flowers, right? hopefully. back to you, heather and patti ann. janice dean, thank you. and now to stories you can bank on this morning. the obama administration telling kids not to do their chores? it is all part of the brand new proposal involving parm fanfarm. good morning, lauren. >> this is a very interesting topic right now. we always thought there would value in a good hard day of farm work. not the case any more. the obama administration is working on a proposal to ban kids under the age of 18 from working in certain areas on their family's farm. obviously the kids are even upset about this in many places.
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it could go into effect in early august. >> talk of some people saying the sales tax is unconstitutional? >> unconstitutional. here's what happened in illinois yesterday. a judge challenged an illinois law that went into effect last summer. they are bringing in money for the budget. what happened was many of the sites picked up and left illinois all together. advertising sites. now with this ruling calling the law unconstitutional those sites might come back. it doesn't fix the problem with what you do with sears and wal-mart challenged uncollected sales tax. it will probably become a nationwide issue. >> a big issue for sure. lastly, women are getting into biking. i don't mean bicycles. i am talking harleys. >> i will never be one of those women. women aren't riding on the back any more. harley davidson is targeting women. sales up 20 percent.
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harley davidson shares at a four-year high yesterday. the bikes they are making for women have lower seats, the right kind of gears for us. they are sometimes in colors like pink and white and it seems to be working. also motorcycles are more fuel efficient. you have to consider that as well. >> interesting. lauren simonetti thanks. >> i can see you on one of those pink harleys. >> never. coming up. a teacher caught on tape bullying her own student? listen to this. >> it is a story that will have many parents outraged. >> would you put the money into your pocket? one woman did. prices at the pump today the national average is 3.83 per
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gallon. 11 minutes after the hour. we mrb right back. most life is look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. our wellness for life program rewards you with savings just for getting a check-up, and it's only from aviva.
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>> it's 14 after the hour. here are quick headlines. the feds say they just nabbed new england's most powerful mafia kingpin. he plead guilty to racketeering and extortion charges. he is the 6th to fall to criminal charges. the white house launched the campaign season with the announcement the several rallies and swing states ohio and virginia. even though the president's appearances may have appeared like campaign events they were actually on the tax payer's dime. >> it is a disturbing story.
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a teacher and an aid caught bullies autistic child. for any parent this one is hard to listen to. >> disturbing is an under statement. the boy's father suspected something was wrong when his 10-year-old son started acting violently. he sent him to school with a digital recorder hidden in his pocket. what he heard was shocking. listen. >> he says his son began to cry like that after being yelled at several times. the recording didn't stop there. the recording talked about their husbands, students parents, even their alcohol consumption. he immediately took the tape to the cherry hill school district and they were just adds shocked as he was. that teacher is getting to keep
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her job because of tenure. the district responding saying quote this is a personnel matter the district took seriously and handled appropriately. there will be no further comment. he is not satisfied with the teacher only being transferred to the school he took to the internet and create add web site and a youtube video. no one will get away with hurting his son. >> i really hope this starts a conversation. i hope people out there who do have the power can take a breath and say, if this can happen here, then it can happen in every state in every town, and as long as we keep this quiet it will continue to happen. he posts lob relegislation to fire any teacher at all who ever bullies a student regardless of tenure or union contracts. >> interesting we crack down so hard on children who do bullying, interesting what's going on with a teacher. thanks a lot. >> it is 17 after the hour. a stunning development in the
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fast and furious scandal. a key figure from the justice department is stepping down. we will tell you who. >> something tells me popeye would not be happy about this. they converting spinach into an energy source. that's green energy. >> we have the president of the united states barack obama on the show. obama hung out with me backstage. at one point i was like, don't you have a country to run? t but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you.
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>> it is now 21 minutes past the hour. today the defense cross examines john edward aesz fo's former ai. young detailed how he helped the
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former democratic presidential candidate cover up his affair with rielle hunter even after he dropped out of the race. he is accused of using nearly a million dollars to keep hunter quiet. he faces 30 years in jail if he is convicted. >> eric holder's top deputies is willing to call it quits after the fast and furious scandal. he falsely told congress that neither did atf or any other part of the justice department allow illegal guns to enter into mexico. ladies over to you. weekly job claims out in less than two hours. cheryl is here she has three top companies hireing this week. >> good morning patty ann. we are doing something unique. man power they are a publicly
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traded company. we follow them on the business network. they have been hiring putting people into jobs 3 and a half million people were staffd in temporary or full-time jobs last year i said you are the guy you tell me give me advice for our viewers. here's what he had to say. >> stay flexible. make sure you continue to learn. increase your revenue while you are out of a job. while you are in a job keep learning with that real curiosity. companies are looking for the ability for the person to change as their companies change because change is happening very rapidly. >> man power group is across the country they are around the world so you want to go to one of the local offices look them up on the web site. they are every where. they can help you get some temporary work in administrative. it is everything. >> job seekers don't pay the companies that are looking for employee's pay.
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>> absolutely. you go to them and they will place you into a position. >> next one is nordstrom. ladies we all know nordstroms. they are hiring. they are going to be growing the company over the next year. really over the next 5-10 years. they like to promote from within. they are very much about internal candidates. if you are right out of college you don't have the job that you stewe studied for you can get a discount on clothing. you can get good workouts bought jewelry bought. we have 5800 jobs that will be open as of april 9th. they do offer benefits. you may be thinking about this, health, medical. come on. 227 stores and 31 states across the u.s. nordstrom is hiring. >> finally car max. this is the united states largest used car retailer and they are going to be opening up some quote-unquote stores. massive lots where you can go and buy a car.
5:24 am
they need not just people who can sell the cars but also mechanics. if you know your way around the car you may not think you are qualified for something at car max, you might be. sales associates and mechanics they are opening up 10 new lots. pennsylvania, california, tennessee, florida, iowa and colorado. they were one of fortune magazine's best company to work for. they are expanding. a lot of people want to buy used cars now, they are cheaper and we are also keeping our vehicles longer, not because of the recession but also because they are it's an expense people don't want to take on right now. car max publicly traded company follow it on the business network. the stock has been performing. man power and car max are the stocks that are performing. you want something that is going to grow. if you are going to be there three years you might be there
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for five-years. >> cheryl casone, thank you. you can check out her post it is called "want fries with that"? you can e-mail her at it gois 25 after the hour. first time it has been done successfully. a kidney rejected by one patient transplanted into another. how these people made medical history. that story coming up. we have all seen this money laying on the ground. what would you do pick it up put it in your pocket. one woman did and wound up in handcuffs. first on this day in history in 1977 studio 54 opens in new york city. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> welcome back. iment patti ann browne. >> i am heather nauert. thank you for getting up so darn early with us. >> time for the top five. the parents of missing isabel celis is making a plea for their daughter's safe hurricane. >> please, please to the person who has her tell us your demands, tell us what you want. we will do anything for her. we will never give up. we will never give up looking
5:30 am
for you. >> isabel's parents say she was snatched from her bedroom last friday night. investigators say the wilittle girl's window was soap aopen an screen was missing. surveillance in the neighborhood will help with the search. they have not ruled out the girl's parents. >> four tsa agents arrested on drug conspiracy charges. accused of accepting thousands of dollars from drug traffics through security checkpoints. it happened at the los angeles national airport last year. two of the agents were still on the job when they were arrested. sometimes things are better the second time around. you are looking at ray in the center of your screen right now. his sister donate add kidney to him but his body rejected it. ray donated the kidney that irwin gomez the person to the left on the screen. it is the first replantation. both transplants took place within two weeks at northwestern
5:31 am
memorial hospital in chicago. the fed channeling popeye the sailor man. fru >> not long after president obama said allergy was the key to future energy, the epa is taking a page out of popeye's book investing in spinach. the epa handing over 90,000 dollars to students at vander built university developing a solar panel to produce electricity. they have nagging doubts about the project. >> forget about finder's keepers police arresting this woman after she picked up $2,300 in cash that she found on the floor of a convenience store. here's the real problem with this. cops say the surveillance video shows the customer drop the money therefore she had responsibility to return it to
5:32 am
the owner. we want to know what you would do if you saw this money on the ground, would you pocket the money or return it? our viewers would return it. you would do the right thing, wouldn't you? send your comments over to us. you can tweet them at fox friends first or e-mail the old fashioned way. >> we turn now to the race to the white house president obama and mitt romney it in a dead heat. if the election were held today the president and romney would grab 46 percent of the vote. >> among the important independents they would vote for romney over president obama. he is leading the president by 13 points. not the 19 points we said earlier. 14 points. >> there are major developments in this case.
5:33 am
>> governor rick perry is now a romney guy. he supported gingrich. he even called him a vulture capital list. they are ready to hit the campaign trail for romney. as for newt gingriches in the race. he is ready to throw in the towel next week. he won two primaries and his campaign is another than $4 million in debt. he will eventually give his endorsement as well. we will do everything we can to make sewer he is effective. we as a team are effective in winning this fall and in government. >> you guys mentioned the exit
5:34 am
poll bringing in the much discussed gender gap. romney is four points up with men. >> the republican party filed a formal complaint with the government accountability budget office alleging the president is stick cing taxpayers with tabs. the white house vehement lie denies that. look who's talking now. you saw the chairman went head to head a little bit with bret baier over the issue of the budget. >> michelle responded to that. >> she has these three cd's that revolve in her head. blame bush, blame the tea party, blame the republicans and they work over and over and over again. it's getting embarrassing.
5:35 am
from what i understand the white house itself is not very happy with debbie woosterman. >> they hired the consultant. >> debbie woosterman schultz to bring it to her in a moment has been the filthyest mouth when it comes to demagoguing her opponents. she took the opportunity during the gabriel giffords shooting anniversary earlier this year in january to try to blame the tea party again for deviivisiveness rhetoric. she blamed the republican party for wanting to take america back to the jim crowe laws and denied she said it even though it was on tape. >> the budgets getting a whole lot of attention. let's get your first degree update for the weather. what's going on today? >> we have a lot of stuff going on. if you live across the west you are going to need the umbrellas.
5:36 am
we have some snow flurries across the tippy tops of the mountains. for the high plains in the mid south chance for severe weather, large hail, damaging winds even the threat for tornadoes. an april chill moving into the great lakes and the northeast where we freeze watches in effect overnight tonight. we are dealing with the potential for severe weather. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for kentucky, southern illinois and indiana. that is until 8:00 a.m. local time. we also have a thunderstorm warning we will receive a potential for hail and damaging winds. we can also see isolated tornadoes through out the day today in this region. across the west widespread showers and even mountain snow. you can see across southern california some areas could get about an inch of rain. they need the rain. so they will take it. temperatures across the central and southern plain still pretty warm. temperatures are going to come down a little bit.
5:37 am
not as oppressive. they are going to be low freezing overnight. travel forecast. boston down to l ark that rain is going to move eastward. from new york to san francisco showers from san francisco and possibility of thunderstorms for dc later on today. back to you, heather and patti ann. >> so many parts of the country who need the rain. now it is time to entertain this. toent tanment stories of the day joining us with the inside scoop. good morning we are talking about "people" magazine top beautiful people list. who is on it this year. >> beyonce is on the cover. she is feeling more beautiful than ever after having her daughter baby blue. i had a chance to be near beyonce and baby blue.
5:38 am
i felt it. she was blowiglowing and in the article she said she is never felt so beautiful. she kwon cored the business world the acting world the singing world. >> who is the top guy? >> i don't know. i think it's that new brad guy on dancing with the stars. they keep saying it is a spanish brad pitt. >> oh he was in the music video with jennifer lopez. that's always fun to see. >> let's talk about brittany spears. she had to give control of her finances over to her father. now it is going to be shared? >> jamie her father took over her conservative ship. now her fiancee is going to be a co partner in that and help make any future decisions for brittany but not manage her assets. it is being reported brittney is
5:39 am
up for being a role on x factor. that will put her wedding on hold. >> that would pay her 15 million a year or some insane amount. spring bride. who is getting married this spring? >> it seems like there is a baby boom and a bride boom in hollywood. in some cases both. we have drew barrymore. we have exclusive details she had a baby shower and a wedding shower over the weekend. she is getting married on june 2nd at her home in monticello, california. at the same time celebrating she is having a baby girl. >> that's nice. justin timberlake there's discussion about whether or not he will get married. >> jessica beil is on a direct hunt she went on a 7 hour shopping trip where she stopped at places like ellie saab and they checked out a restaurant for a potential wedding venue. >> they always get the prewe th wedding gowns.
5:40 am
they don't have to pay for it like we do. >> we had a bunch of famous de sirens design dresses for the girl and sketches. for jessica beil they designed this lace. amazing. you have to see it in this week's issue. it is gorgeous. it is time for your look at the starting lineup. we have a roundup of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. lakers forward world peace is suspended for 7 games for elbowing james hardin. >> it was a bad time for me and physically it was a bad time for mr. hardin. it's the worst time for me right now. i am happy that james is okay. >> hardin suffered a conclusion from that hit which you see right there. larry brown taking hard shots over michael jordan with his time with the bob katz. he had people spying on him when he coached the team. the people working around jordan
5:41 am
didn't have a clue about basketball. shawn payton is still planning to coach in 2012 but on a much smaller scale. he wants to coach his 12-year-old's son's football team. he is suspended for all of next season because of the saints bounty pool. >> 41 minutes after the hour. bill o'reilly sends jessie waters to the green energy festival. >> it's the home of the future. >> definitely solar panels. >> i am a fan of electricity. >> don't say that too loud around here. >> getting jessie thrown out. we will have the story next. beauty queen forces to surrender her crown. she broke a big rule. first here's what you missed on jimmy fallon last night. >> crazy sports news. meta world peace. you know the guy on the lakers. he has been suspended for 7 games after he violently elbowed another player in the head.
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>> an environmental exposition held at the javits center in new york city. jessie waters was anxious to attend this one. here is what went down. >> what is your ideal green home? >> create your own electricity
5:46 am
through rain water. >> you must be kidding. >> i think solar power is great. solar panels always sound good. >> home is made of bam beau. >> wind power is great. >> windmills in the front lawn. >> i wonder who could have done a thing like that. >> in terms of lawns, too. why don't we turn the front space into a garden. >> it would look a little bit like a tree house. >> like a hobbit. the future a log cabins and huts. >> swernding you back to the future. >> bill o'reilly. >> how do you think the president is doing so far? >> i think the president is doing very well. >> both sides should be happy with the president. >> when are we going to get you on "the factor"? >> you see all of these wonderful people here? thank you very much. >> what is the bed made out of?
5:47 am
>> cotton. natural fieshs. >> i like that. >> what's going on here? >> this cost compared to a normal bed? >> 1700 up to $4,500. >> this particular light bulb i have in my hand is $40. >> $40? >> but it lasts 32 years. >> you sell paper what's it made out of? >> our paper product is made from elephant dung. >> i think in the future americans will be wearing recyclable clothing. >> what if it's a black tie event do i have to wear a recycled tux? >> we are a party in your mouth. isn't that fun? >> it's a party in my mouth. >> i would like to extend an invitation to the party. >> i think it's important we speak to each other. >> i will. >> like i said, what we are
5:48 am
doing is -- no, no. we did this with the car show last week here. >> it is a very different kind of show. >> what is the power of the home in the future? >> solar panels. >> i am a fan of electricity. >> don't say that too loud around here. >> that's an attention getter. >> have you seen the future of washing our dishes by hand? >> we wash all dishes by hand. pretty cool i guess. >> do you ever watch the o'reilly factor? >> i do. it is on quite a bit. >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> the end. >> i am glad jessie went. so we didn't have to do it. nutty ideas but there are also a lot of good ideas. they are working hard at it. >> interesting stuff. we can see both sides to it. just about 10 minutes after the hour. talk about a sword in his side. a dog has a close encounter with
5:49 am
a cactus. we will show you. that's our question of the day if you found money on the ground would you pick it up, put it in your pocket or do the right thing and return it? would you twe tweet us and tell us. >> check in with steve doocy see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> you have to worry whether or not there's a candid camera there to see whether or not you pick up the money and keep it. it is embarrassing if you don't turn in the money. how do you figure that? that's your show. the king of cable. bill o'reilly is going to be joining us and john mccain. michelle maupin is here and jack hannah live and under water from sea world. we will see you in 10 smins.
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>> 53 after the hour. let's span the globe see what stories are going on overseas. they will hold a hearing may 8th to extradite joran van der sloot. they want to try him for allegedly trying to ex tort money from natalee holloway's mother. he is the key suspect in her disappearance from raar rouibu . chaff vez take to go twitter to announce his late night return. i am on the plane now everybody is feeling happy because we are headed to our beloved venezuela. they send their greetings. long live venezuela. chavez has been there for the past two weeks for cancer treatment. comes to an end with a big
5:54 am
splash. they dressed up as their favorite characters heading downhill landing in a giant ice puddle. this event has become an annual tradition. >> there is a bikini of course. >> we asked you to brew on this. a woman was arrested after she picked up money that she found on the floor of a convenience store because police claim she saw who dropped the money. so we wanted to know what you would do if you found this money on the ground would you pocket it or would you return it? here are some of your responses so far. >> we have peter saying if i saw that person drop the money i would have to return it i hope someone would do that for me. >> charles blake more said if i found money it were attached to identification i would return it but if not guess what? >> my steadfast rule is if you can find the owner you return it no exceptions. >> you know. i wonder really if this woman committed a crime by not returning the money? is that really breaking the law? >> kind of like when you put
5:55 am
garbage out on the street corner that garbage is no longer yours. we need a lawyer. >> the right thing to do return it. thank you to everyone who responded. keep your comments coming. >> the time 55 after the hour. a beauty queen stripped of her crown. the secrets from her past that pageant officials uncovered. first we have your word of the day all scrambled up. can you figure out what this one was? we always give you a hint in the show. has something to do with a segment we did. stick around for the answer. we will be right back.
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5:58 am
>> it's 2 minutes before the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. a puppy rescued after getting stuck in a cactus. look at this poor little guy. a good samaritan reportedly heard his whimpers, the yorke terrier mix is up for adoption at the arizona humane society. all those things pulled out of his face. next the bad. est a -- it's the runway on runway. a runaway dog, a puppy escaped from her crate at newark's laguardia airport. airport workers had to chase her around and around to try to catch her. eventually they pulled the owner from the plane and immediately the puppy ran to her owner. the ugly. miss dominican republic hardly ugly at all. she lost her crown when they figured out she's not a miss but she's married.
5:59 am
runner-up will take her place. you have to be a single gal to do those things. didn't they used to have the mrs. america? whatever happened to that? >> i don't know. time to get scrambled up. gretchen carlson is here to help us out with the word that we spoke of during the show. >> pin cushion. >> pinch? one more try, gretchen. >> spinach. >> gretchen, you're so good. such a good student. >> well, not necessarily at 5:59 a.m. i actually happened to love spinach. that's a good word. >> me, too. >> it's hard to be sharp at this hour. you always manage to do it. >> see you in a couple of minutes. >> have i agreat show. >> that will do it for us. i'm patty ann brown. >> and i'm heather nowart. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. do you like spinach? let me know. it's thursday, april 26th! happy birthday, dad! i'm gretchen carlson. another government investigation this time congress could be looking at the president. is he


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